Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm officially tired! 4 cakes in 2 days...

I think all I've done since about 11 AM Friday is make cake! I did squeeze in a birthday party for my Grandpa (not so great due to being last minute blue circle & red 85 cake) at DJ's and a baby shower for my cousin Sherri (pink polkadots with baby girl) today. Off to a sugarpaste flower class in Savannah tomorrow instead of church (missing Pastor Appreciation for Bro. Joey, but hope they love the cake!)'s the lineup.

Thanks to Katie for the Baby Elijah cake...not too much longer to wait! =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diskin 30th Edition

Thanks Mollie (and Missy)!
This cake went through alot to get to this point...first of all, it was supposed to be a 14" square, but when I got to Michael's to buy the pan, they were out! So, I used a 16"X 11" or so sheet pan I already had at home. I originally was using a smaller sheet pan & going to double up, so I baked the 4 cakes for that. I decided to bake my mom a belated birthday cake as well....I was getting ready to ice her cake & this cake. I always taste a bit of the cake I trim off while leveling the layers...I tasted hers and instantly knew something was off! I had left the sugar out of all 4 cakes!!! So at almost 9 pm last night, I had to start all over when I should have been starting decorating. So, I finally get to bed late (actually this morning) and get up this morning to decorate. In the middle of decorating, I run out of powdered sugar & eggs for the royal icing...this is about 12:00 and I have to deliver the cake at 1:30. I rush to Broxton to pick up the extra stuff...Dollar General is out of p.sugar, so I rush to Broxton Grocery. I finally make it back home. I am still piping royal icing grass (developed some extra muscles I think doing this!!) and have yet to finish the baseball decorations. At 1:40, I have the cake in the car finally although I didn't get a chance to even brush my own hair or change clothes. =D I'm hoping that she hasn't given up on me getting the cake there since I'm already late. On the way to Douglas, I stop and get out to check the cake...and realize it is melting!!! Hot weather, high humidity, and icing doesn't mix well. I make it to Douglas by about 2 pm and we decide the best option is for me to take the cake back home and redecorate...I'm such a perfectionist myself and definitely wouldn't want to pay money myself for a melting cake. =) I went home & made extra thick royal icing to avoid another meltdown. Anyway, all is well in the end...or at least I hope so since it still has another hour's drive almost. I'm thinking (and praying) it'll be fine though. =)